Payment in lieu of assistance

Funds for marker/grader assistance is  intended first for the University's students. Nevertheless, the Employer shall give reasonable consideration to any reasoned request by a member to receive compensation in lieu of marking assistance. Where such request is granted, payment shall be the greater of the minimum rate established by the University for marker/corrector s or the current rate paid by the department offering the course.

Where a member can make a reaso nable case to the Employer that the assigned grader/marker is not performing or has not performed satisfactorily, the Employer will offer the member a prorated compensation in lieu of assistance for the marking to be done or for the remainder of the marking not done by the grader/marker. The request for compensation must be made no later than 15 working days after the end of the session.

The Employer shall endeavour to ensure that the number of seats and work/writing surfaces/spaces available in the assigned classroom, laboratory or studio is  sufficient for the number of students in a class.

Reference: Section 9.6 (PAYMENT IN LIEU OF ASSISTANCE) of the Collective Agreement