Projected course enrolments established by the Employer shall be set out in position postings and contract s for all part-time academic staff, except where not relevant.

Reference: Section 9.2 (PROJECTED ENROLLMENT) of the Collective Agreement


The parties re cognize four (4) types of courses:

  1. Type "A" Courses: courses with no written assignments and without examinations that cannot be computer marked.
  2. Type "B" Courses: courses with either written assignments or examinations which ar e not computer marked.
  3. Type "C" Courses: courses with written assignments and with examinations which ar e not computer marked.
  4. Type "D" Courses: courses which, by their nature, consist primarily of individual attention teaching or  of small group interactions, e.g. second language teaching, problem solving sessions, and the like.

Reference: Section 9.3 (TYPES OF COURSES) of the Collective Agreement


For the types of courses set out in  9.3, the critical num bers shall be as follows:

  • Type "A" – 90
  • Type "B" – 60
  • Type "C" – 45
  • Type "D" - 35 (25 in the case of courses, related to the bilingual mandate of the University including courses given at the Centre for Second Language Learning).

It is understood that the above figures are not intended to represent norms in class size.

Departments shall employ the same set of rules or criteria in determining the point at which enrolment requires  the creation of a new section of a course, whether or not the course is taught by a full-time professor or a member of APTPUO.

Reference: Section 9.5 (CRITICAL ENROLLMENT NUMBERS) of the Collective Agreement