FAQ: Long-Term Appointments (LTA)

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5.13 Long-Term Appointments (LTA)

It is understood and agreed by the Parties that long-term appointments are linked to job security and stability of employment, commitment and a high standard of teaching at the University.

5.13.1 Limits on Number of Long-Term Appointments

The Employer shall hire a maximum of twenty-four LTAs (24) per year, but no less than twelve (12) LTAs per year as of 2015-16.

Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, every academic unit or department shall be entitled to a minimum of one (1) LTA up to the maximum set in the paragraph above, with a limit of twenty (20) percent of courses taught by members in a previous academic year attributed to LTAs within the academic unit or department.

5.13.2 Duration of initial appointment

Long-term appointments are teaching-focused and shall be three (3) years in duration.

Long-term appointments shall commence at the beginning of the Fall or Winter semester.

5.13.3 Postings All new Long-Term Appointment positions shall be posted. The chairperson shall post the offer of employment in the department or faculty on the electronic bulletin board set aside for these purposes for a period of at least thirty (30) days. The postings shall be electronic and must indicate:

  1. the name of the faculty, department or academic unit; the description of the work, the number of credits attached to the work;
  2. the minimum required qualifications shall be clearly indicated, it being understood that the classification of applicants under and not the posted level of qualifications shall determine the awarding of the position;
  3. the start and termination dates of the posting as well as the type of posting (LTA);
  4. the procedure for submitting an application to the department or faculty;
  5. the level of knowledge (active or passive) of the other official language required, if any. A copy of the posting shall be forwarded to the Union office no later than the day on which posting begins.

5.13.4 Appointment Procedures Required and desired qualifications should be clearly set out in the posting. In evaluating candidates and establishing ratings, the required and desired qualifications shall not differ significantly from those set out in the posting. In posting which have an academic support component, activity outside the University which constitutes a contribution to the field, shall be taken into consideration. For each posted position, applicants who are considered qualified shall be classified into one of the three categories set out below.

   a) Category A:

   Applicants with at least eight (8) seniority points possessing the minimum qualifications and fulfilling the language requirements,


   Applicants possessing some of the required qualifications, fulfilling the language requirements, and having worked in the field as a regular part-time professor.

   b) Category B:

   Applicants with at least eight (8) seniority points who possess the minimum required qualifications and some additional desired qualifications, who fulfill the language requirements. A regular part-time professor with a culmulative average of 4 points out of 5 points to the three questions in 5.7.2 for four (4) out of the five (5) three-credit courses most recently taught shall be qualified at a minimum as Category B.

   c) Category C:

   A sole applicant who fulfills the language requirements and who clearly possesses uniquely superior qualifications to those of any other applicant and is consequently recognized as an expert in the field. In judging an applicant to be in Category C, which implies a distinct superiority over all other applicants, care must be taken to ensure that the areas of superiority bear a clear relationship to the posting. Such assessment shall consider the teaching experience, the professional experience and the research performed by the applicant.

   Where two or more candidates are classified in the same category, seniority shall be the determining factor. Notwithstanding, at least eighty (80) percent of LTAs hired in 2015-2016 shall be members of the bargaining unit unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties. The academic unit may ask qualified applicants to submit to an interview as well as to provide a portfolio. The Association shall receive a copy of every letter of appointment within thirty (30) days of the member accepting an LTA. The letter of appointment shall include: a description of the duties for the first year, the number of courses to be taught by academic year, and where known, the course code and title to be taught, the specific academic support duties to be performed (if any), as well as the number of hours for each academic support duty (if any). Specific duties shall be assigned before June 1 for the second and third years of the contract.

5.13.5 Workload of LTAs

The workload of members in receipt of the LTA shall not exceed the limits in article 5.9.3, including teaching and academic support duties (if any). The member in receipt of a LTA shall be gyaranteed a workload of the equivalent of seven (7) three (3) credit courses per academic year.

5.13.6 Duties of LTAs Teaching duties of LTAs are limited to the duties defined in Article 5.1.2 The Employer may assign academic support duties. Should the Employer decide to assign such duties, they shall be defined in the letter of appointment for the first year and in the assigned workload for the second and third years of the contract as the equivalent of the regular workload of a three-credit course. The Employer may assign academic support duties no greater than the equivalent of the workload of a regular three-credit course per semester. The equivalent academic support duties shall count towards the limit specified in 5.9.3.

The academic support duties may include some or all of the duties below:

  1. Professional counselling and/or Mentoring
  2. Development of academic tools (courses, laboratories)
  3. Scholarly activities
  4. Academic program, course and/or event coordination

5.13.7 Reappointment Procedures

Reappointment shall be based on a record of teaching effectiveness, which will normally mean a cumulative average of four (4) out of five (5) or higher for the three questions referred to in 5.7.2. For all courses taught during the appointment, adjustments made if there are mitigating circumstances. The member must also have a record of good performance in other areas defined in the letter of appointment.

The chair of the academic unit shall notify the member in writing no later than six (6) months before the end of the appointment whether the unit intends to extend the LTA, as well as provide and evaluation of the member's performance. The member shall respond in writing within thirty (30) days whether he or she accepts the new appointment. Copy to Union

The Association shall receive a copy of the member's letter of reappointment.

5.13.8 Office space

The Employer shall provide office space on campus to LTAs in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures of each academic unit. LTAs shall be informed of the relevant office space policy upon appointment.

5.13.9 Application of the Agreement for LTAs Unless stated otherwise in article 5.13, this agreement applies to LTAs.