Research, publications and conference/travel grants: Important changes

Part-Time Professors have access to grants for research, publications and conferences through the Academic and Professional Developement Fund (APDF).

Although many professors successfully applied for grants in the past, professors applying for grants during the Spring-Summer semesters would not receive any funding because no fund would be available for these activities, when most of them usually take place.

The Employer and the Association agreed to make changes to the APDF to make sure than funds would be available during the summer, to make sure that more members get access to the funds, and to simplify the processing of applications. The members of the APDF Committee, in charge of processing applications, were consulted in the process.

The changes will be incrementally implemented until 1st March 2016. Until this date, applications will be processed as they were in the past. On 1st March 2016,  applications for the Spring-Summer 2016 semester will have to be submitted before this date.

These changes are important. The following table includes the most important changes:

Item Before Now
Deadline Three months before activity

For Fall semesters: August 1st

For Winter semesters: November 1st

For Spring/Summer semesters: March 1st

Application submission Usually four paper copies


Single paper copies can still be submitted at the APTPUO's office.

Types of grants

1a) Presentation at a conference

1b) Attendance at a conference

2) Publications

3) Research

1) Presentation at a conference*

2) Publications and Research

*Grants for attendance at a conference will only be granted if funds are available.

Maximum granted per member per year

$2500 per type of grants

$7500 total

$2500 per type of grants

$5000 total

Maximum granted per semester No maximum per semester  

For Fall semesters: 25% of funds

For Winter semesters: 45% of funds

For Spring/Summer semesters: 30% plus funds not spent during previous semesters