The 2013 Part-Time Prof of the Year is...

Professor Edith Anne Pageot

The Association would like to extend its hearty congratulations to Professor Édith-Anne Pageot (Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts), the recipient of the 2013 Part-Time Prof of the Year.

Professor Pageot's application showed exceptional teaching qualities, motivation, creativity and dedication to her students.

This year, a record of eight applications were received, and a committee made a selection based on:

  1. Cover letter from recipient indicating their motivation, teaching goals, why they should be chosen.
  2. Appropriate experience shown in CV, especially part-time teaching, awards, contribution to University and community.
  3. A letter from Dean, showing praise, no reservations, mention of accomplishments, contribution to faculty, personal interactions.
  4. Similarly, a letter from Chair
  5. Similarly, letters from students
  6. Other supporting documents such as publications, providing extra opportunities to students
  7. Highest teaching evaluations (4.5+) ; number of courses, consistency.
  8. Submission quality, appearance, succinctness.

The award ceremony will take place on Nov 22nd at 15:00 at the Jazzy Restaurant.

Light refreshments will be available.

See poster in PDF format