Copyright: Protect your work from unauthorized use and distribution

The Association was informed by a few members that several websites publish the work without proper authorization. These sites are OneClass.com, Locazu.com and NoteBro.com.

The documents are uploaded to these websites by a few students who downloaded these documents via BlackBoard Learn or other means of communication.

The Association has informed the University of the situation. The Association has also consulted its legal counsel on the steps individual members and/or itself could take to prevent the unauthorized and distribution of material of Part-Time Professors.

For now, the Association invites you:

  • to put a "Copyright (c) - All rights reserved" notice (similar to the image above) on each document uploaded to BlackBoard Learn and/or distributed to students (if space allows, include a short explanation of what can and cannot be done with the document);
  • to take a few minutes at the beginning of your next lecture to inform students of the importance of copyright and intellectual property.

You may also want to contact these websites and ask them to remove the content (if they have published your work).

The Association is working with the University to find a solution, including the publishing of notices on BlackBoard Learn and other platforms informing students that they can't distribute the work without proper authorization.

Further information will follow