General Membership Meeting: 4 December 2015

Annual General Membership Meeting
Friday, December 4, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

FSS 4007
Faculty of Social Sciences Building
120 University Private, 4th floor

Dinner will be available.


Get to know other Part-Time Professors, hear the year-end reports, and vote on important issues including elections of the 2016 Board of Directors and Bargaining Committee.


  1. Introduction
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Adoption of minutes
  4. Report of the President
  5. Report of the Bargaining Committee
  6. Annual Budget and Audit
  7. Elections:
    1. Board of Directors
    2. Bargaining Committee
  8. Constitutional Amendments
  9. Adjournment


The documents for the 4 December 2015 General Membership Meeting are now available.

You can find them via the Association's website by clicking here.

You will find the following documents:

  • Agenda
  • Officers sitting on the Board of Directors and on the Bargaining Committee
  • Reports of the President and of the Bargaining Committee
  • Changes to the Constitution and the By-Laws as recommended by the Governance Committee and the Union Council
  • Proposal of constitutional amendment submitted by members.The financial documents and the nomination form will only be available in hard copy at the general meeting.

Distributed documents

Copies of these documents will be distributed to members attending the meeting.

The financial documents and the nomination form will only be available in hard copies at the meeting.


You are a member of the APTPUO while you are teaching as a part-time professor and for two years after the end of your last contract.

Part-time professors teaching only in the Faculty Law are not members of the APTPUO.