Bargaining update #1: 9 December 2013


The Bargaining Committee met five times with the University:

  • 31 October
  • 11, 14 and 26 November
  • 5 December

The last meeting in 2013 will be held on 10 December. Both parties are currently preparing the schedule of meetings for January 2014.

Both parties are focusing on normative propositions (non-monetary) for the moment. Monetary proposals will be negotiated in 2014.


A few minor items have been addressed and settled. The most significant change relates to the grievance procedure, during which the two sides will have more time to submit a complaint / grievance and respond after a grievance meeting.

University's Proposals

The University has submitted some controversial proposals related to the categories, to leaves, to the limit in courses assignments, and to the access to facilities, including access to the library.

The Association opposes some of these changes. It will answer shortly, with either a refusal of the proposals or with counter-proposals.

Proposals of the Association

The Association submitted proposals on certain dimensions of the work of Part-Time Professors and/or of the collective agreement, including:

  • recognition of part-time professors
  • participation in the governance;
  • the exclusion of Part Time Professors from the Association;
  • DFR exams and other financial compensation;
  • assistance provided to Part-Time Professors.

Other dimensions are also covered by the proposals of the Association.

The Association will keep you informed of the progress of negotiations.