Copyright: Protect your work from unauthorized use and distribution

The Association was informed by a few members that several websites publish the work without proper authorization. These sites are, and

The documents are uploaded to these websites by a few students who downloaded these documents via BlackBoard Learn or other means of communication.

The Association has informed the University of the situation. The Association has also consulted its legal counsel on the steps individual members and/or itself could take to prevent the unauthorized and distribution of material of Part-Time Professors.

For now, the Association invites you:

  • to put a "Copyright (c) - All rights reserved" notice (similar to the image above) on each document uploaded to BlackBoard Learn and/or distributed to students (if space allows, include a short explanation of what can and cannot be done with the document);
  • to take a few minutes at the beginning of your next lecture to inform students of the importance of copyright and intellectual property.

You may also want to contact these websites and ask them to remove the content (if they have published your work).

The Association is working with the University to find a solution, including the publishing of notices on BlackBoard Learn and other platforms informing students that they can't distribute the work without proper authorization.

Further information will follow

The 2013 Part-Time Prof of the Year is...

Professor Edith Anne Pageot

The Association would like to extend its hearty congratulations to Professor Édith-Anne Pageot (Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts), the recipient of the 2013 Part-Time Prof of the Year.

Professor Pageot's application showed exceptional teaching qualities, motivation, creativity and dedication to her students.

This year, a record of eight applications were received, and a committee made a selection based on:

  1. Cover letter from recipient indicating their motivation, teaching goals, why they should be chosen.
  2. Appropriate experience shown in CV, especially part-time teaching, awards, contribution to University and community.
  3. A letter from Dean, showing praise, no reservations, mention of accomplishments, contribution to faculty, personal interactions.
  4. Similarly, a letter from Chair
  5. Similarly, letters from students
  6. Other supporting documents such as publications, providing extra opportunities to students
  7. Highest teaching evaluations (4.5+) ; number of courses, consistency.
  8. Submission quality, appearance, succinctness.

The award ceremony will take place on Nov 22nd at 15:00 at the Jazzy Restaurant.

Light refreshments will be available.

See poster in PDF format

2013 General Membership Meeting

Come to the General Meeting of your union!

Be sure to attend the APTPUO Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner:

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Jazzy Restaurant, University Centre (next to the cafeteria)

A delicious buffet dinner will be served at 5:30pm, followed, at 6:30pm, by Elections to the Board of Directors and Bargaining Committee, and other items of Association business, including the the financial audit and budget, and reports of the President and the Bargaining Committee.

Documents: AGA 2013 • 2013 GMM

Documents nécessaires pour l'Assemblée générale des membres 2013 de l'APTPUO:

Necessary documents for the 2013 General Membership Meeting of the APTPUO:

Budget et Vérification | Budget and Audit

Le budget sera disponible en version papier seulement lors de l'assemblée générale.

The budget will only be available in hard copy at the general meeting.

Modifications constitutionnelles | Constitutional Amendments

Le Conseil d'administration a reçu deux demandes de modifications constitutionnelles conformément à l'article 11 de la Constitution. Ces amendements seront étudiés au cours de l'assemblée. Les documents tels que reçus par le CA sont disponibles plus bas.

The Board of Directors received two requests for constitutional amendments as per Section 11 of the Constitution. These amendments will be debated during the meeting. The documents as received by the Board are available below.

AGA 2012: Résolution sur la diffusion du rapport d'un comité       2012 AGA: Motion on the distribution of a committee report

Une motion adoptée lors de l'AGA 2012 a demandé la distribution du rapport du comité créé à l'AGA 2011 pour la révision des finances de l'Association pour les années financières 2008-09, 2009-10 et 2010-11. Ce comité était composé de Pierre Drouin, Mark Anderson et Nour-El-Kadri.

Vous trouverez plus bas le lien de ce rapport. Vous y trouverez également les rapports des vérificateurs BDO pour ces années.

A motion adopted during the 2013 AGA requested the distribution of the report written by the committee created during the 2011 AGA for the review of the finances of the Association during the 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 fiscal years. This committee members were Pierre Drouin, Mark Anderson and Nour El-Kadri.

You will find the link to the report below. You will also find the reports written by the BDO auditors for these fiscal years.

 * Malgré le filigrane, ces rapports sont finaux et adoptés comme tels. Regardless of the watermark, these reports are final and were adopted as such.

Documents distribués | Printed documents

Des copies papier des documents seront distribuées aux membres lors de l'assemblée. Les membres qui le désirent pourront aussi amener leur portable et consulter les documents électroniquement.

Hard copies of the documents will be distributed to members at the meeting. Members can also come at the meeting with their laptop and consult the documents electronically.

2013 Fair Employment Week in support of contractual academic staff

More and more academic work is being performed by people hired on a per course or limited term basis. These positions are often poorly paid, have little or no benefits, no job security and no academic freedom. This has serious implications not only for contract academic staff, but for students, their regular academic staff colleagues, and universities and colleges as a whole. The Canadian Association of University Teachers opposes the increasing casualization of academic work and advocates the equal treatment of all academic staff regardless of their employment status.

Each year CAUT and its member associations join with a coalition of unions and activists across North America to organize a week-long series of events for Fair Employment Week (FEW) highlighting the overuse and exploitation of contract academic staff to focus on the issues most relevant to them, and to organize events appropriate to their situation. In previous years, the campaign has had a positive impact on negotiations and increased contract academic staff involvement in associations.

To know more about the campaign, visit

Click here to sign the open letter to college and university presidents.