Quicknews #27: January 2013


We hope your semester is off to a great start. Don't forget that your Association is just a click away, with our new website, at: www.aptpuo.ca.

You can find information about benefits, our collective agreement, and what to do if problems arise (see "Grievances").


The 2013 Board of Directors elected its officers at its first meeting after our Annual Members Meeting. Here is a list of the office-holders for this new year:

  • President: Greer Knox (acclaimed)
  • Vice President, Internal Affairs: Lawrence Harris (acclaimed)
  • Vice President, External Affairs: Robert Johnson (acclaimed)
  • Anglophone Grievance Officer: Mark Anderson (acclaimed)
  • Agent de grief francophone: Pascal Sergent (acclaimed)
  • Secretary: Noureddine Mouelhi (acclaimed)
  • Treasurer: John Rakos (acclaimed)


Just a reminder that any documents you distribute or post on line which contain extracts of material not created by you should have the source credited, and permission for reproduction if the work is under copyright (although there are some specific "fair use" exemptions under the law).

Even material in the public domain should be identified as such in your handouts and notes. We expect this of our students, and the University expects it of professors as well.

On the other hand, you retain copyright in any course outlines, notes, exams, etc. that you have created for your course. The University does not have the right to hand these over to another professor who may teach the same course, nor to use these materials in any way without your permission. If permission is sought, you should negotiate to receive a royalty payment.

We would like to consult with you if a copyright issue arises; please email us at http://www.aptpuo.ca/en/about/contact.

[Text prepared by Lawrence Harris, APTPUO V-P Communications]