QUICK NEWS #29: July 2013

2013 Seniority List

By Olivier Desharnais-Roy, Union Executive Assistant, APTPUO

The University of Ottawa has just published the 2013 Seniority List. This list includes the names of all Part-Time Professors wiith the tally of their seniority points and their home faculty and department.

The list is available here: http://www.rh.uottawa.ca/fichiers/conventions/APTPUO/seniority-list.pdf

Why is this important?

The tally of seniority points has a great impact on the hiring process.

Inaccurate information may impede on your chances to be hired to teach courses at the University of Ottawa.

How to calculate seniority points?

Please refer to the FAQ section of the APTPUO'S website: http://www.aptpuo.ca/en/faq/seniority/90-faq-seniority

If you have questions, please reply to this email or consult the Contact us page.

What to do if the tally is inaccurate?

The tally of seniority points is as of April 30th, 2013.

Consequently, it does NOT include:

  • Points for courses taught after April 30th, 2013;
  • The two points awarded for having taught during the 2012-13 academic year.

If the tally is inaccurate, please contact directly the Human Resources Service: http://www.hr.uottawa.ca/contact.

To facilitate the processing of your request, it will be useful for the Service to have the information pertaining to your teaching experience at uOttawa.

Members have until September 10th, 2013 to request changes.