QUICK NEWS #30 | August 2013

Joint Committees: Call for candidates

The Association invites Part-Time Professors to submit their candidacies to sit on joint committees as a representative.

Three APTPUO seats are vacant right now:

  • Office Health & Safety Committee (1)
  • University Health & Safety Committee (1)
  • Parking Committee (1)

The terms of reference for these committees can be found on this page: http://aptpuo.ca/en/about/reps/66-joint

Representatives will earn one (1) seniority point for their work and receive CAD 60 after they submit reports to the APTPUO.

Please submit your CV and cover letter in reply of this email.

For questions, please reply to this email or visit http://aptpuo.ca/en/about/contact.

Recent successes of the APTPUO

Although it’s summer and the pace of business usually slows down at uOttawa, the Association has been working hard to defend the interests of Part-Time Professors.

Several grievances pertaining to seniority points, evaluations of Part-Time Professors, hiring processes, and financial compensation for DFR exams, were settled in the last few weeks to the advantage of the individual members.

The Association also filed three policy grievances on the limits in course assignments, the location of the office and the (arbitrary) attribution of Category C. It will keep you posted on the outcome of these grievances.

Finally, the proposals of the bargaining committee are being drafted at the moment, and bargaining will start soon with the University of Ottawa. Stay tuned!

2013 Orientation Program for New Professors

From the Centre for University Teaching team

The Centre for University Teaching is pleased to invite you to the 2013 Orientation Program for New Professors.

Our three-day program will not only allow you to participate in workshops on the subject of university teaching, but will also familiarize you with the various services offered to our institution Faculty members.

This orientation program is tailored to further acquaint you with the various institutional components associated with your university experience.

For more information: http://aptpuo.ca/en/news/news/122-orientation-program-for-new-professors-centre-for-univeristy-teaching

2013 Student Bursaries

The Association just granted its 2013 Student Bursaries to seven uOttawa students.

Seven $500 bursaries were given to these well-deserving students because of the excellence of their academic dossiers.

Congratulations to the recipients! To read more about this story: http://aptpuo.ca/en/news/news/student-bursaries/120-2013-student-bursaries

The APTPUO contributes to installation of bike repair station

The Association happily contributed to the installations of bike repair stations on campus. These stations are equipped with pumps and tools.

Under the leadership of the Bike Co-op of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), and with the financial support of the APTPUO, CUPE 2626, the Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa (APUO), the Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD) and the SFUO, four stations were installed last month across campus.

These stations are located close to these buildings:

  • Lamoureux, next to the Café Écolo
  • Colonel By, at the end of Louis-Pasteur Street
  • Arts, next to the four pillars
  • Roger-Guindon, between the main entrance and the parking lot