QUICK NEWS #31 | September 2013


As a new academic year begins, we wish you great success in your courses. This is a good moment to get to know your Association better, by visiting the APTPUO website, at www.aptpuo.ca. We will especially need your participation in Association activities now that bargaining is about to begin on a new Collective Agreement for professors who teach part time. Updates will be emailed to you periodically, and details on bargaining progress will be added to the APTPUO website from time to time.


This is the time of year to enroll in the UO medical plan and pension plans. Info available at www.aptpuo.ca, under the Benefits and/or FAQ menu. You need to register before the end of the first month of your appointment.

Also, if you have an old employee card, or if you have lost it, or if you are a new employee, it might be wise to get a new one from Human Resources.

Don’t forget: your employee card gives you access to the services of the University (Library, Sports Services, etc.). It can also make you eligible for discounts through the Privileges program (visit http://www.aptpuo.ca/en/benefits/benefits-uottawa/79-privileges-for-uottawa-employees for more details) or other outside purposes, such as educational discounts from various vendors, etc.


If you would like to see a dramatic reduction in the number of student requests for deadline extensions, make-up tests, etc., consider including the following paragraph in your course outline:

“A medical certificate validated by University of Ottawa Health Services is required for any exemption, extension, make-up test, etc., — or else, in the case of a personal crisis, a letter from the University’s counseling service. Give your professor the official University of Ottawa medical certificate or counselor’s letter. Do not bring notes from your family doctor to the professor; please take them to the University Health Service. This way your personal details remain confidential, and your professor can treat all students equally by accepting all official UO certificates.”