Info APTPUO 35: 5 Novembre 2013

The Part-Time Prof of the Year is...

Professor Edith Anne Pageot

The Association would like to extend its hearty congratulations to Professor Pageot, from the Faculty of Arts, the recipient of the 2013 Part-Time Prof of the Year.

Professor Pageot's application showed exceptional teaching qualities, motivation, creativity and dedication to her students.

This year, a record of eight applications were received, and a committee made a selection based on:

  1. Cover letter from recipient indicating their motivation, teaching goals, why they should be chosen.
  2. Appropriate experience shown in CV, especially part-time teaching, awards, contribution to University and community.
  3. A letter from Dean, showing praise, no reservations, mention of accomplishments, contribution to faculty, personal interactions.
  4. Similarly, a letter from Chair
  5. Similarly, letters from students
  6. Other supporting documents such as publications, providing extra opportunities to students
  7. Highest teaching evaluations (4.5+) ; number of courses, consistency.
  8. Submission quality, appearance, succinctness.

The award ceremony will take place on Nov 22nd at 15:00 at the Jazzy Restaurant.

Light refreshments will be available.

General Assembly: 22 NOV 2013, 6:30PM

Come to the General Meeting of your union!

Be sure to attend the APTPUO Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner:

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Jazzy Restaurant, University Centre (next to the cafeteria)

A delicious buffet dinner will be served at 5:30pm, followed by the general meeting at 6:30pm, during which Elections to the Board of Directors and Bargaining Committee will be held, and other items of Association business, including the the financial audit and budget, the reports of the President and the Bargaining Committee will be addressed.

Please spread the word among your colleagues. All APTPUO members are welcome! (You are a member while you have a teaching contract and for two additional years after the end of your last contract.)


Students' Medical Notes

Section 9.5 of uOttawa's Academic Regulations (Justification of absence from an examination or of late submission of assignments) stipulates that "Absence from any examination or test, or late submission of assignments due to illness, psychological problems or exceptional personal circumstances must be justified; otherwise, students will be penalized."

The Association strongly recommends to its members to refer all students to the faculty's academic secretariat for the management of medical notes. If the secretariat approves the medical note, the student could submit a request for a DFR exam at the same time.

Consult the Academic Regulations for further information on this matter or to know more about the regulations pertaining to your duties as a professor.

Your Departmental Representatives

Many Part-Time Professors volunteered and were elected by their peers as Departmental Representatives.

The list of these representatives is available here:

Many departments are still without a representative. If you are interested, please contact your department.

Departments offering more than 36 credits per year to Part-Time Profs should have at least one deparmental rep. (two if they offer more than 53 credits). In theory, departments must send a call for candidates at the beginning of September of each academic year for the election of its representative.s.

If your department has not send such call last September, please let us know by replying to this message.The Association will work to solve the matter.

DFR Exams

Many professors reported problems with the payment of the financial compensations pertaining to DFR exams.

According to Section of the Collective Agreement, when the conditions in this section are met, the University should pay $150 per individual exam. If a new exam is prepared following the approval of the autorities (usually the academic unit or the faculty), the professor shall receive an additional CAD 150.

If you have administered DFR midterms, and you did not receive the financial compensation, please contact the Association by replying to this message.

Coming events

Accommodations in the Classroom Discussion Forum

Thursday November 21st, 5:30pm-8:00pm in Lamoureux room 390T

At this event, students will be discussing their experiences and talking about seeking classroom accommodations at the University of Ottawa. Students, TA’s or Profs will have the opportunity to give 10 minute long presentations in front of professors, TA’s and other students to share their experiences with seeking accommodations in the classroom and also discuss how professors can better accommodate students.

If you are interested in speaking on the panel and sharing your experience please email ([email protected]), call (613-562-5800 x 2683) or stop by the our Centre (UCU-211F) to book an interview. Electronic submissions can be submitted at [email protected]. Names or personal information will not be disclosed for electronic submissions.