Info APTPUO 40: 20 February 2014

Current News

Bargaining: Minor update

No bargaining session has been held since 10 December 2013, mostly because of the break for the holidays and because the University was going through a major reorganization within its Human Resources Service.

Talks will resume 5 March 2014.

The bargaining team will provide additional updates soon.

"Let's Keep Education Public" Week, 24-28 February 2014

The "Let's Keep Education Public" Week is a series of events planned and sponsored by unions representing students and workers of the University of Ottawa.
The Association proudly supports this initiative and will co-sponsor the panel on "Public Education for the Public Good". Other events include workshops, a lecture and a film screening.

Details of the event co-sponsored by the APTPUO

Panel guests will make presentations on how to fight neo-liberal attacks that threaten the accessibility and quality of a publicly funded post-secondary education system in Ontario and Canada.
The panelists are:

  • Anaïs Elboujaini: Graduate Student Rep on the uOttawa Board of Governors
  • Vanessa Hunt: Deputy Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students
  • Erika Shaker: Director Education Project, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Where: Cafe Nostalgica
When: Thursday, February 27th, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
A social will take place after the panel. Event sponsored by GSAED and APTPUO.

Other events

Schedule of the week

The full schedule and description of activities are available here:


UOttawa Campus Unions, including the APTPUO, boycott University Administration's budgetary consultations

The Association, along with other unions on campus, has decided to boycott the budgetary consultations of the University of Ottawa Administration this year.
The Association is concerned that the University simply uses this process as a pretext to to legitimize decisions already taken behind closed doors.

To read more:

Copyright: Protect your work from unauthorized use and distribution

The Association was informed by a few members that several websites publish the work without proper authorization. These sites are, and

The documents are uploaded to these websites by a few students who had downloaded these documents via BlackBoard Learn or other means of communication.

The Association has informed the University of the situation. The Association has also consulted its legal counsel on the steps that individual members can take to prevent the unauthorized and distribution of material of APTPUO professors.

For now, the Association invites you:

  • to put a "Copyright (c) - All rights reserved" notice (similar to the image above) on each document uploaded to BlackBoard Learn and/or distributed to students (if space allows, include a short explanation of what can and cannot be done with the document);
  • to take a few minutes at the beginning of your next lecture to inform students of the importance of copyright and intellectual property.

Should your materials be made available without your permission, such as the websites noted above, your first step would be to ask them to remove the content. Please let your Association know as well.

The Association is working with the University to find a joint solution, including the publishing of notices on BlackBoard Learn and other platforms informing students that they can't distribute the work without your authorization as the creator of the work.

Further information will follow.

You didn't teach at uOttawa in the last 24 months? Beware!!!

Members who did not teach and/or did not apply for part-time academic positions in the last 24 months may lose all their seniority points and access to all their benefits.

According to Section 5.8.5 of the Collective Agreement:

"An individual who is not in the bargaining unit for a period of twenty-four (24) months or longer shall loseall seniority points previously accumulated. There shall be four exceptions:
a) an individual holding the position of President, Vice-President and Secretary, Treasurer or Grievance Officer of the APTPUO during such a period;
b) members on maternity leave and on childcare leave as specified by this agreement;
c) members who have formally applied for work in each of the successive winter and fall terms after the twenty-four (24) month period referred to in 5.8.5 above but who have had insufficient seniority to qualify for positions, or individuals who have not been offered a contract in the twenty-four(24) months referred to in 5.8.5 above because of irregular scheduling of those courses for which they are specially qualified, provided such exceptions are agreed to by the Labour-Management Committee;
d) members who, for reasons beyond their control and for a limited time, have taken up residence where regular back-and-forth trips are not possible, on the condition that they present a valid supporting document and a favorable recommendation from the Labour-Management Committee."

The University will send a notification to all the members affected by this provision in the next few weeks.

If you receive such notification, you will be given 30 days to respond to the University if you have worked in the last 24 months or if you fall under the exceptions above.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the Association by replying to this email or by visiting the Contact us page of the Association's website.


Academic and Professional Development

Let's Talk About Mental Health: Call for Proposals- Saturday March 22nd

The Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) will re-host our Let's Talk About Mental Health Conference. Do you have a great workshop, panel or discussion group idea about self-care, the politics of mental health, advocacy, disability arts or another related topic? Then please fill out the form and let's talk!

TLSS's Integrated Training: Pedagogy and technology at your service

Education is undergoing profound transformation. Student expectations are leading higher education toward the use of blended learning, a learning model that blends online and in-class learning which improves the quality of the student experience. In other words, blended learning is the integration of classroom face-to-face learning experience with online learning experiences (multimedia, online Internet).

What is the TLSS's integrated training program?
It is a series of various workshops, courses and training programs to allow all professors and teaching assistants to improve their knowledge and skills in the development of hybrid or fully online courses. It is also a training strategy to meet their every need for professional development, whether it is a more traditional pedagogical approach or an approach combining technology and pedagogy or the need to learn more about a specific technology. Our team and our integrated training program can help you!

For more information:

Members' Billboard

New book published by member (in French)

La recherche en sciences sociales et de l'administration: Logique, Structure & Processus

By Walter Amedzro St-Hilaire

Ce livre est destiné au large public s'intéressant aux outils de recherche : les étudiants, chercheurs, enseignants et fonctionnaires apprécieront la présentation claire des fondamentaux en la matière, ainsi que la façon dont y est établie l'utilité des concepts. Aussi, toute personne désireuse d'améliorer son approche personnelle de la rédaction et/ou de l'analyse des rapports scientifiques et gouvernementaux y trouvera de réelles opportunités de développement personnel. En somme, si les étudiants de cycles supérieurs devraient y trouver matière à être préparés au dédale de la recherche, les enseignants eux, trouveront ici un outil renouvelé et adapté, de familiarisation de leurs étudiants aux notions essentielles devant leur permettre de développer des considérations méthodologiques propres.

For further information:

Study on Perinatal Intimacy and Sexuality in Francophone Parenting Couples Living in a Minority Situation in Ontario

We are currently recruiting 100 francophone parenting couples living in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region for a doctoral research study.

The purpose of this research is to explore parenting couples' perinatal sexual experiences, which focuses on their intimate and sexual experiences during and after pregnancy and their needs in regard to health care services.

This research will increase the knowledge of health care professionals on this subject and make recommendations to improve perinatal sexual services for parenting couples during their transition to parenthood.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Live in the Ottawa or the Eastern Ontario region
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be a heterosexual couple having the first child
  • Couple living together for a minimum of 1 year before the pregnancy
  • Baby's age between 6 and 12 months old
  • Couple identifying themselves as francophone
  • Pregnancy and birthing without complications
  • Have access to internet

Your participation will require you to fill in questionnaires online that could last for about 60 minutes. The participation of both partners is required. At the end of filling in the questionnaires, you will also be invited to an optional interview. Grocery gift-cards will be drawn for at the end of the study.

If this study interests you, please contact the principal investigator :

Catherine de Pierrepont, Sexologist B.A. and M.A.
Ph.D. Candidate in Population Health, University of Ottawa
[email protected]