Info APTPUO 41: 19 March 2014


General Application: 1 April 2014

You have until 1 April 2014 to file your General Applications.

General Applications are considered by the University when no qualified candidates have applied for a specific course or when it needs to hire a part-time professor at the last-minute after the beginning of the semester.

For more information: FAQ: Postings, Hiring, General Applications (look at Questions #14 and #15.)

How to file a general application

  1. Choose Apply without posting option on the main page for postings (or click this link);
  2. Log in;
  3. Select any session;
  4. Select the appropriate Faculty and Academic Unit;
  5. Indicate the number of courses you wish to teach in a session in the box, Number of courses you wish to teach during this session;
  6. Update your record of employment under Teaching UO and/or Other Teaching tabs;
  7. Submit your application;
  8. Repeat for every academic unit for which you would like to teach and for each session.

Current News

Bargaining: Minor update + Updates from CUPE 2626 @ uOttawa and CUPE4600 @ Carleton

A first bargaining session since 10 December 2013 took place on 5 March 2014. The University's Bargaining Team is now headed by Jules Carrière, Acting Associate Vice-President, Academic Affairs.

The Association submitted a few additional proposals and responded to some of the offers of the University. The next bargaining session will take place on 19 March.

Stay tuned for further updates!

CUPE 2626, representing Students Workers of the University of Ottawa, held its GA on 12 March 2014. The membership voted 97% in favour of a strike. Two bargaining sessions with
the University have to be held before the end of March. If a labour conflict occurs, this will affect the work of TAs, Markers or Proctors assigned to you. Further communications on this matter will follow soon.

In other related news, CUPE 4600, representing contract instructors (unit 2) and teaching assistants (unit 1) of Carleton University, has secured a tentative agreements for both units. The Association wishes to congratulate the bargaining teams.

OPSEU 404, representing Carleton's Campus Safety officers, could not secure such agreement before the 10 March deadline and are now on strike. The Association wishes to extend its wishes of solidarity and support to these workers.

Call for one candidate: Constitutional Revision Committee

At the last General Meeting, the membership referred two constitutional proposals to a committee to review them and report back to the membership at the next General meeting.

The Board of Directors of the Association struck a Consitutional Revision Committee. The CRC has been mandated to review these proposals and report back to the membership.

Three members will sit on the CRC: Robert Johnson, Greer Knox and a member-at-large who is not a Director of the Association.

The Association therefore seeks candidates interested to sit on the CRC. All candidates shall send their CV and a cover letter to the Association (in reply of this message) no later than 27 March 2014.

The Association thanks all members for their interest!

Rocky road ahead at uOttawa, as many community members excluded from Task Force

Press release of the Interunion Committee of the University of Ottawa. This group includes the APTPUO and other unions on campus.

Ottawa, 18 March 2014 – Unions representing students and workers of the University of Ottawa are surprised that many of them are excluded from uOttawa's Task Force on Respect and Equality, whose composition was made public by the Rock administration yesterday (17 March).

"Administrative support staff, Teaching Assistants, Part-Time Professors, IT Professionals, Trades workers, all these groups are absent from the Task Force," says Isabelle Hétu, President of CUPE 2626 (representing TAs). "The University's Task Force definitely starts on the wrong foot," added Anne-Marie Roy, President of the SFUO.

Moreover, the response from the Rock administration to this matter has been sub-par at best.The administration appears completely disorganized, and representation of the campus community is more than limited.

To read more

SFUO-GSAÉD Task Force Against Rape Culture

In light of recent events relating to sexual violence on our campus, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa and the Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD) is inviting the
university community to join us on our Task Force Against Rape Culture on campus. Over the past few weeks, the incidents that attracted so much media attention have pointed to a larger issue on campus; that these were not isolated cases but rather, public examples of the ways in which rape culture can manifest itself within our community. Rape culture is the social attitude that allows for rape to be normalized, trivialized, even celebrated, and these attitudes often go unchallenged, both on and off campus. Sexism, misogyny and other forms of sexual violence are experienced in different ways here at uOttawa and we believe that it is by working with students and other community members on campus that we can develop a grassroots and well-rounded approach to effectively fight rape culture on our campus.

As such, the first step to the launch of our task force will be to host a town hall on Friday, March 21st from 3:30pm to 6:30pm in the UCU Agora. The town hall will begin with a panel
discussion with, followed by a question and answer period. Following this, there will be a breakout groups session in which students can chose to share their thoughts based on their
identity and experiences with sexism, misogyny and rape culture on campus. From these discussions and based on the feedback of students, we will collectively develop an action plan that will effectively fight rape culture in different areas of campus, by tailoring our approach to the specific and varying needs of students.

We are inviting all community members on campus to participate in this town hall and help shape our Task Force Against Rape Culture. Our objective is to engage undergrad and grad students, professors, unions on campus, in playing an active role in challenging rape culture. This town hall is just the beginning of an important discussion that will take place on our campus, and we look forward to having you join us in this work!

In solidarity,

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa

Facebook event:

Copyright: Protect your work from unauthorized use and distribution

The Association was informed by a number of members that several websites publish the work without proper authorization. These sites are, and

The documents are uploaded to these websites by a few students who had downloaded these documents via BlackBoard Learn or other means of communication. The Association has informed the University of the situation. The Association has also consulted its legal counsel on the steps that individual members can take to prevent the unauthorized and distribution of material of APTPUO professors.

For now, the Association invites you:

  • to put a "Copyright (c) - All rights reserved" notice (similar to the image above) on each document uploaded to BlackBoard Learn and/or distributed to students (if space allows, include a short explanation of what can and cannot be done with the document);
  • to take a few minutes at the beginning of your next lecture to inform students of the importance of copyright and intellectual property.

Should your materials be made available without your permission, such as the websites noted above, your first step would be to ask them to remove the content. Please let your Association know as well.

The Association is working with the University to find a joint solution, including the publishing of notices on BlackBoard Learn and other platforms informing students that they can't
distribute the work without your authorization as the creator of the work.

Further information will follow.

You didn't teach at uOttawa in the last 24 months? Beware!!!

Members who did not teach and/or did not apply for part-time academic positions in the last 24 months may lose all their seniority points and access to all their benefits.

According to Section 5.8.5 of the Collective Agreement:

"An individual who is not in the bargaining unit for a period of twenty-four (24) months or longer shall loseall seniority points previously accumulated. There shall be four exceptions:

  1. an individual holding the position of President, Vice-President and Secretary, Treasurer or Grievance Officer of the APTPUO during such a period;
  2. members on maternity leave and on childcare leave as specified by this agreement;
  3. members who have formally applied for work in each of the successive winter and fall terms after the twenty-four (24) month period referred to in 5.8.5 above but who have had insufficient seniority to qualify for positions, or individuals who have not been offered a contract in the twenty-four(24) months referred to in 5.8.5 above because of irregular scheduling of those courses for which they are specially qualified, provided such exceptions are agreed to by the Labour-Management Committee;
  4. members who, for reasons beyond their control and for a limited time, have taken up residence where regular back-and-forth trips are not possible, on the condition that they present a valid supporting document and a favorable recommendation from the Labour- Management Committee."

The University will send a notification to all the members affected by this provision in the next coming weeks.

If you receive such notification, you will be given 30 days to respond to the University if you have worked in the last 24 months or if you fall under the exceptions above.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the Association by replying to this email or by visiting the Contact us page of the Association's website.

Academic and Professional Development

Let's Talk about Mental Health-Saturday March 22nd at 11 am

The Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is proud to present our conference "Let's Talk About Mental Health" on Saturday March 22nd from 11 am to 6 pm, in GSD 307. The day will cover a lot of interesting topics like the politics of mental health and self-care. The conference will also feature an art space.

Workshops topics will include:

  • Living with Depression: Self-care and coping strategies
  • How to cope with difficult life challenges in a positive way
  • The Note that Changed Us: Cultivating Conditions for Learners and Professors
  • Mental Health, as a Legal Concept
  • Disability and Capitalism
  • "Saneism" and Ableism that exists in social activism movements
  • And more to be announced!

The conference will include a light lunch and snacks. Please register for the conference by contacting the CSD by March 19th at [email protected] or 613-562-5800 x 2683. Please feel free to let us know about any accessibility requirements, child care needs or dietary restrictions. Please note that there will be ASL interpretation, child care, and an active listening support space and that all locations for the conference will be physically accessible. #LetsTalkAboutMentalHealth2014

Examining the Use of Lecture Capture Technology: Implications for Teaching and Learning

Jovan Groen - Centre for University Teaching, Teaching and Learning Support Service

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Vanier Hall, room 1042
11:00 – 12:00

While the recording of lectures for the purposes of student review, accommodation and distance education has existed for well over a decade, institutions in higher education have only begun to invest in comprehensive lecture capture systems and make them available across their campuses.

The Centre for University Teaching has recently examined how lecture capture technology is being used at the University of Ottawa, how its use is correlated with academic performance, student satisfaction, and student study habits. The research also examines how instructors perceive the impact of this technology and how its integration can be enhanced. This presentation will outline the study's findings and explore the pedagogical implications of its use.

The presentation will be bilingual.


Case-Based Teaching... "Clicker"-Style!

Colin Montpetit Ph.D. - Department of Biology, Faculty of Science

Thursday, May 1st, 2014
Vanier Hall, room 1042
11:00 – 12:00

The evolution of classroom response systems (such as LectureTools) has made it feasible to implement case-based teaching methods using interactive teaching methods producing what is called "Clicker Cases" (Herreid, 2006). A clicker case is a story that uses student response systems to engage students in understanding the meaning of the subject matter contained within the story and which can be incorporated into the lecture format. In this session, I will describe key features of clicker case studies, engage the audience in a short version of a clicker case, and discuss the impacts of incorporating this approach on teaching and learning effectiveness in small and large enrolment courses.

Please bring your device of choice (laptop computer, smartphone or iPad) to the presentation.

The presentation will be bilingual.


TLSS's Integrated Training: Pedagogy and technology at your service

Education is undergoing profound transformation. Student expectations are leading higher education toward the use of blended learning, a learning model that blends online and in-class learning which improves the quality of the student experience. In other words, blended learning is the integration of classroom face-to-face learning experience with online learning experiences (multimedia, online Internet).

What is the TLSS's integrated training program?

It is a series of various workshops, courses and training programs to allow all professors and teaching assistants to improve their knowledge and skills in the development of hybrid or fully online courses. It is also a training strategy to meet their every need for professional development, whether it is a more traditional pedagogical approach or an approach combining
technology and pedagogy or the need to learn more about a specific technology. Our team and our integrated training program can help you!

For more information:

Members' Billboard

'TWEET n TELL' Project in the Department of Theatre, 2014

Under the guidance of part time professor Kristina Watt, students in the 'Theatre in English Canada' course are using Twitter as a means to engage the nation in a living conversation
about theatre in Canada. In partnership with the National Arts Centre English Theatre's 'SpiderWeb Show' (, students conduct investigative research in order to create dynamic and concise 'tweets'. Each '#CdnTheatreThrowback to _____' tweet sheds light on a pivotal moment of theatre history and by virtue of Twitter's linking capability, the
tweet connects artists & audiences across Canada now.

As a vibrant learning tool, this research project invites the class of 50 to connect their course work to conversations taking place in the digital world that surrounds them. The second part of the project, the 'Tell', requires students to elaborate on the central event of their tweet and discuss in depth its resonances, past and present. This unique invitation to collaborate came from Sarah Garton Stanley, creator of the SpiderWeb Show and Associate Artistic Director of English Theatre at the NAC. Other partners include Michael Wheeler of Praxis Theatre (Toronto) and Adrienne Wong of Neworld Theatre (Vancouver).

Follow @MultiManteau on Twitter, add to the exchange, and help the students enrich the presence of theatre across Canada.

Invitation from Kristina Watt: THE DUMB WAITER

Hello Friends & Colleagues,

I would be honored to have your presence at the upcoming limited run of only 8 performances of THE DUMB WAITER by Harold Pinter, featuring two women in the 'as written' male roles. I would also be very grateful if you would circulate the information below with any others who may want to attend!

Production details

Directed by: Todd Duckworth
Onstage: Mary Ellis and Kristina Watt

Producing company is Third Wall Theatre, w/ partners 100 Watt Productions and The Acting Company (big thanks to Chris Ralph and John Muggleton)
Stage Manager: Richard Cliff
Design Team: Graham Price, Vanessa Imeson

March 21-23 & 28-30 at 7:30pm each evening, PLUS 5pm on the Saturdays
The Avalon Studio, 738A Bank St at 2nd Avenue

Seating is limited. BUY TICKETS: 613 236 1425 or online:

Know your rights

Pension Plan

The Employer has agreed to maintain a defined contribution Pension Plan for the benefit of members of the APTPUO.

The Pension Plan became effective January 1, 1991. The defined contribution is set at 7% for both the Employer and the member, in the Collective Agreement as of April 1, 2009.

This plan is voluntary. You need to enroll to have access to the plan. To enroll, please contact HR's Infodesk.

For example, for a regular, three-credit course, CAD 514.92 would be deducted from your paycheck and deposited in your Pension Plan account, along with an equal CAD 514.92 paid
by the University (based on the current basic rate of CAD 7356). Please note that you can enroll only for the current and future sessions. You can't buy back years.

For more information: