Hiring Report - June 2014

Hiring Report

The Spring / Summer 2014 Hiring Report is now available. You can access the report via the Human Resources Service Website

If you applied unsuccessfully for a course, you can review the report and the successful candidates' category and seniority points.

If you believe the hiring process was not respected according to Article 5 of the Collective Agreement, or if you would like to know the reasons behind the hiring decision, you will need to contact your director, in writing, before June 13.

June 13, 2014 is the deadline to request information, and if necessary launch a grievance, regarding hiring decisions for the Spring / Summer 2014 session.

If you have any other questions regarding the hiring report and the grievance process, visit “Posting, Hiring, and General Applications” section on our website or you can contact us directly.

Seniority List

By June 30 2014, Human Resources Service shall publish an updated version of the seniority list that outlines members’ accumulated points, faculty, and department. Once published, be sure to check that your seniority points are accurate.

If you believe that your seniority points are incorrect in the hiring report, you must send a disagreement notice to [email protected] before August 31 2014. The notice must include your name, employee number, and your uOttawa email address. If possible, in attachment include a record of all the courses that you have taught.

The list will be available on the Human Resources website under “Printable versions.”