Info APTPUO 44: July 4 2014


Seniority Report

The APTPUO seniority list will be published on the University's website on July 17 2014. Be sure to check the list to verify that your seniority points match the report. Please note that these points are as of April 30, 2014, and as such, points awarded after April 30, 2014 are not included in the report.

When applying for positions, it is your responsibilty to include the most updated calculation of your seniority points.

In case of error, please send a notice of disagreement that includes your name, employee number, uOttawa email address, and contact information to [email protected] no later than August 31, 2014.

For more information on seniority points, please visit our website.

Special General Meeting - July 21, 2014

The Association's Board of Directors is calling a Special General Meeting to hold elections for a recent vacancy on the Board, as well as to inform the membership about the status of the current round of bargaining.
This meeting will be held:
Monday, July 21, 2014 at 5:30pm
Morisset (MRT) 218
For more information, visit our website.

Current News

Deferred Exams/Assignments - Faculty of Arts

The Association of Part-Time Professors (APTPUO) believes that the Faculty of Arts has contravened the Collective Agreement in its duty to financially compensate part-time professors for deferred exams and assignments.

The Collective Agreement states “[the] member will be paid an amount of $ 150 [no space: $150] for each deferred examination, supplemental examination or any additional course work directly related to the assignment of the final grade for the course, prepared under faculty regulations.” (Article This article, and others like it, was negotiated in 2007 to ensure that members are properly compensated for additional, previously unpaid work related to their teaching.

The Collective Agreement also states that “a member will be paid an amount of $ 150 every time he/she must prepare and grade a new examination, in addition to the one taken by the group or class, with the prior approval of the appropriate authority.” (Article

According to the Agreement, a member must receive $ 150 per individual examination and, if the Faculty has explicitly asked or explicitly approved a differed exam, the member must also receive an additional $ 150. Therefore, if a member has three separate DFR cases, they must prepare three differed examinations or assignments. The member should then receive $ 450 (3 X $ 150), and if the Faculty authorizes the preparation of a new examination or assignment, the member must receive an additional $ 150 for this work (total: $ 450 + $ 150 = $ 600).

The current practice within the Faculty of Arts is to pay members a total of $ 150 just once, When new examinations or assignments are required, the Faculty refuses to pay the additional $ 150 to the member, despite the requirement to do so in accordance with the Collective Agreement. In addition, the Faculty refuses payment for all forms of exams other than in-class examinations, whereas the Collective Agreement clearly states that members have the option to select an exam or assignment that goes toward a student’s final grade.

Many part-time professors in the Faculty of Arts have been unjustly treated and are being penalized because of the Faculty’s refusal to follow the Collective Agreement in this regard. The Association is now contesting this refusal by means of a policy grievance. We need your help.

If you have had similar experiences in past years, where you have had to administer and/or prepare examinations and/or assignments for students and you have not been properly compensated, contact us immediately by responding to this message.

Members' Billboard

CYRIL Dabydeen, Part-time prof/ Dept. of English willl be reading from his latest book at the University of Vienna--in July-- at the International Conference on the Short Story in English. He will also be appearing on a panel on Liminality and Short Fiction, especially focussing on flash fiction (micro-fiction).

Dabydeen is a frequent guest of this biennial Conference which has featured writers such as Margaret Atwood and the late Allistair Mcleod, and last read at Little Rock, Arkansas, where the Conference was officially welcomed (video) by President Bill Clinton at the Presidential Library in that city. Cyril Dabydeen will read from his newest book, My Multi-Ethnic Friends and Other Stories (Guernica Editions, Toronto).

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