APTPUO Bulletin - October 2016

APTPUO Committees – Vacant Positions

Following new bylaws adopted at the Annual General Meeting, the APTPUO is inviting interested members to send a resume and cover letter to [email protected] for one of the following committees:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on the Association’s annual budget, the audit of the Association's finances, and the setting of membership fees. The Finance Committee shall become familiar with the University’s fiscal policy and provide a summary of the University

Awards Committee

The Awards committee is responsible for the annual APTPUO Professor of the Year award, as well as awarding the APTPUO student grants. The Committee provides policy advice on the Academic and Professional Development travel grants.

Political Action Committee

The Committee advises the Board of Directors on campaigns and actions that defend the rights and interests of members and that promote the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education.

Equity Committee

The Equity Committee advises the Board of Directors concerning policies, guidelines, best practices, and actions in regards to equity within the Association and the University. 

Each member participating on a Committee shall receive a $60 honorarium per meeting

Preserve uOttawa's library holdings

The University of Ottawa announced in September 2016 that it plans to cancel its subscription to thousands of print and online journals, including 2,123 journals by Taylor & Francis and 2,368 journals by Springer. Professors and students alike depend on these library resources, which are critically important for education, training and research at the University of Ottawa. Professor Jules Blais from the Department of Biology has launched a petition requesting that the University of Ottawa preserve its library holdings. The petition results will be sent to the uOttawa Senate and the Board of Governors, the University's main governing bodies.

Please take a moment to sign the petition:

CAUT - Sign a Pledge of Solidarity

Today, about one third of all academic staff in post-secondary institutions in Canada struggle to find decent work. The Canadian Association of University Teachers’ annual Fair Employment Week campaign to defend contract and precarious academic employment is seeking petition signatures. To sign the pledge of solidarity and support contract workers in Canada, or to learn more about the campaign and issues, please visit http://www.caut.ca/issues-and-campaigns/fairness-for-contract-academic-staff/fair-employment-week-2016.