Quick News #11


Please look on the bulletin boards in your Department to see if the HIRING REPORT for courses given to APTPUO professors has been posted. Each Department is required to do this, so that everyone can check who got what courses, their category and seniority points. If the Hiring Report is not posted, please tell your Department Administrator AND TELL US!


We are now accepting applications from our members to sit on what are called “UNIVERSITY JOINT COMMITTEES.” As far as we can tell, there are vacancies on the following committees: Pension; Food Services; and Academic and Professional Development Fund. Please send us a short resumé and explain if and why you have an interest or suitability for a particular committee. Please also state the following: “I realize that my role on the Committee is to represent the interest of APTPUO professors in consultation with the Board of Directors of the APTPUO, and I will submit a brief report of each meeting I attend, along with copies documents distributed at the committee meeting.” For each written report of a committee meeting that you attended, you will receive an honorarium of $60. (The Academic and Professional Development Fund Committee is more complicated and has its own set of obligations and rewards!) We will also be calling for applications for the newly revised Health and Safety Committee, once the proposed structure receives approval from the Ministry of Labour.


The APTPUO has a NEW OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR, Isabelle Dault, whom we welcome to our team. Our office, located in room 124 of the Unicentre, will now be open Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, except when Isabelle is assisting us in meetings outside our premises. You are welcome to drop by, or phone in advance: 613-562-5800, ext. 4375.