Quick News #5


All APTPUO professors are entitled to additional remuneration for:

  • preparing and marking a deferred exam ($150 - paragraph of the current Collective Agreement);
  • attending a committee/hearing in an academic fraud case ($175 - para. 5.2.4a);
  • participating in an official grade appeal ($175 - para. 5.2.4b);
  • and carrying out extra monitoring, etc. in the case of a student "accommodation" request ($200 - para 5.2.4c).

Your department is supposed to process the payment automatically, but it seems that in many cases they don't. Therefore: keep track of all cases you handle under these clauses, and make sure you receive your payment. Send an email to your Chair with the details, and cite the appropriate paragraph of the Collective Agreement.

5.2 - If you have carried out any of the tasks referred to above, please email us [email protected] to let us know whether or not your department made the payment automatically.

If it did not, please send us a copy of the email you sent your department requesting the payment, and also tell us how long it took to get the matter resolved. To work effectively on your behalf, our Association needs facts! And we need each APTPUO prof to supply us with the facts!