Quick News #2


UO President Alan Rock will soon be consulting all the unions at the University regarding the Report of the Steering Committee on Resource Optimization, which calls for immediate cuts of almost one-and-a-half million dollars in part-time positions. This would be a loss of approximately 200 part-time contracts. The APTPUO is sending you a separate letter with more information about this urgent matter, and we encourage you to send a letter of protest to the University.

The report can be found at:

Your response should be sent to the address below. (Please c.c. to [email protected]):

2.2 - The APTPUO is making a $500 donation to aid in the HAITIAN RELIEF EFFORTS.

Let’s not forget this crisis now that it has slipped out of the headlines.

2.3- Apply for the PART-TIME PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR award!

Time is running out!

If your students and Department think you’re great, you should apply for the PART-TIME PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR award!

Don’t wait for somebody else to nominate you!

The prize is $2000, and it’s a fine item for your C.V.! Your application must be handed in to you Chairperson by March 1st, but it will take you some time to put your dossier together, so start now!

Info at: