Quick News #13


Make sure you are covered for all course postings for the following academic year, including "irregular postings" that may come up at the last minute, by submitting a general application BEFORE April 1st, AND CITE ARTICLE of our collective agreement. Indicate that “with sufficient notice” you are available for teaching at specific times and days (which could be, for example, “weekdays and weekday evenings”).

For your information, here is the full text of this article:    Any person with seniority as set out in section 5.8 and who, prior to April 1st,

a)    had submitted an updated record of employment,

b)    had indicated in writing to the departmental chair, to the program director or, in faculties without departments, to the appropriate section head as indicated in APTPUO postings his/her interest in being employed in the academic unit for the following academic year, and

c)    at the same time had provided in writing details concerning the days and times of his/her availability to teach in the coming year shall be deemed to have applied for all the positions for which he/she is qualified in that academic unit.


A reminder that your @uottawa email account is owned by the University and can be monitored by the Employer. It is best to avoid communicating personal or sensitive material on the UO email service. However, we recommend using your @uottawa account for all email communications with your students, TAs, and Department, so that an official “paper trail” always exists. To avoid potential harassment, do not give students your personal email addresses or phone numbers. (But please send your personal coordinates to the APTPUO because sometimes we need to reach you with info that can not be put on the Employer’s email service, especially concerning our Collective Agreement negotiations! Please mention this to colleagues who may not be on our list. Our email address is: [email protected])


Last Call! The final deadline for the 2010 Award is APRIL 15, and you should submit your application to your Department Chair (with a copy to the APTPUO).

The Award and the application process are currently in committee for review. Please visit our website in the Fall 2011 to see what has changed and what the deadline will be for the 2011 Award.

For all the details on the 2010 Award, please refer to:

[Text prepared by Lawrence Harris, Vice President, Communications; French Translation by I.D.]