Quick News #14


We are now getting back into "normal" operation after a very highly charged spring of final negotiations over our new collective agreement. It will still be awhile before we receive the final signed text and translation from the University, for distribution. We'll let you know when it is available online. You can look forward to being kept informed by these Quick News dispatches, which will be emailed to you every few weeks.


Usually at this time of year the University posts the famous "Senioriy List," where you can verify and correct (if necessary) the calculation of your seniority points. It is always in your interest to check the list because whether or not you receive a course contract is largely determined by the number of points each applicant possesses. But the University has notified us that the list it had prepared contains several mistakes, and, therefore, needs an overhaul and audit. It will not be posted for verification until mid-September. Again, we'll keep you posted!


We encourage you to check and use your @uottawa.ca email accounts for official University business, but as your Union, we would like to have an alternative, private email address for each of our members. If you are not receiving Quick News via your private email account please send your alternative email address to us at: [email protected]. For ease of processing, just type your private email address in the subject box and press "send." Also, importantly, if you know any colleagues who are not receiving messages from the APTPUO, please encourage them to send us their address.

(Sometimes profs who are not teaching in a given semester don't check their university email accounts during that period, so we need a personal address to stay in touch.)

[Text prepared by Lawrence Harris, APTPUO V-P Communications]