QuickNews #21: June 2012

As we wish all our professors a pleasant and refreshing summer, we are calling to your attention a short list of items that you should double check now, and on an ongoing basis through the future:


Once this list is published by the University (in principle on June 30th each year), you have only thirty days to report any discrepancies. This means that if the University has given you the wrong number of seniority points, you have to submit a correction to the Human Resources Department of the University. This is very important because hiring decisions are based largely on the number of seniority points you have earned.

Here is the link to the Seniority List: http://www.rh.uottawa.ca/adhoc/aptpuo/

Here is the link to the Part 5.8 of our Collective Agreement, which explains how to calculate your seniority points: http://www.aptpuo.ca/en/faq/seniority


By clicking on this link (https://web30.uottawa.ca/v3/uohmsweb/Reports_aptpuo.aspx), you can find out who was awarded a course each semester. You should check any courses you applied for, and if a lesser-qualified candidate was given the course, you should launch a grievance (which need not be a frightening ordeal!) -- do it within ten working days of checking the Hiring Report. See this link to Part 4 of our Collective Agreement for all the rules and your obligations (available here: http://www.rh.uottawa.ca/fichiers/conventions/APTPUO/A/APTPUO.pdf).


Alphabet letters are used to designate course types. But, more importantly for your being hired, they are also used to categorize each professor who applies for a particular course. All qualified applicants are categorized at least as an "A," but additional considerations, such as good student evaluations, could bump you up into a higher category ("B" or "C") and give you priority over applicants in a lower category. (Within a category, seniority determines who will be given the course.) Please refer to Part 5.7 and Appendix B of our Collective Agreement for all the rules (available here: http://www.rh.uottawa.ca/fichiers/conventions/APTPUO/A/APTPUO.pdf).

If you think that you qualify for a category "B," ask your department to put you in the higher category. (This should be done automatically by your department, but it seems that not all departments live up to this.) Check this information on the Hiring Report (see above item). Note that your category is assigned course-by-course, and a particular professor's category for one course could be different from that same professor's category in another course, depending on student evaluations, etc.


It has been brought to our attention every now and then that costly mistakes crop up in our professors' pay stubs, with wrong deductions being made, even on a random basis. For example, your union dues deductions should be for "APTPUO" only. Make sure that you receive every cent that you are entitled to by double-checking every electronic pay stub that you receive! Don't forget to review past pay stubs as well.

[Text prepared by Lawrence Harris, APTPUO V-P Communications]