QuickNews #23: October 2012

In this edition:

  • Reminder / last call for the Part-Time Prof of the Year Award;
  • Mark your calendars for the Membership General Meeting;
  • Double check your pay stub.

Quick News #1

Hello Professors who teach Part-Time!

1.1 - Starting now, the APTPUO will be sending you a frequent “QUICK NEWS” email.

It will keep you up-to-date on breaking issues; highlights of Board meeting discussions; details about our Collective Agreement; invitations to events and meetings; and more.

Too busy to read another email? That’s okay -- just skip it, but please don’t unsubscribe because your Association needs a way to reach you if an urgent situation arises.

To make it easy to “catch up,” each Quick News will also contain the announcements from previous weeks, so you only need to read the latest email to know what has been happening all along!

1.2 - HELP WANTED For Academic Development Fund COMMITTEE

This important UO-APTPUO committee reviews all the grant applications for research, travel, etc. from professors who teach part-time.

The task includes reviewing many confidential application dossiers (homework!) and meeting in the full committee to make decisions.

We need to choose someone with discretion, attention to detail, and consciousness about meeting deadlines and attending meetings.

There is a small stipend available. If interested, please email us at [email protected], telling us about your background. The position is open until “the right” person is found!

1.3 - The DEADLINE for applying for the PART-TIME PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR award has been extended to MARCH 1.

For more information, consult our website:


Quick News #2


UO President Alan Rock will soon be consulting all the unions at the University regarding the Report of the Steering Committee on Resource Optimization, which calls for immediate cuts of almost one-and-a-half million dollars in part-time positions. This would be a loss of approximately 200 part-time contracts. The APTPUO is sending you a separate letter with more information about this urgent matter, and we encourage you to send a letter of protest to the University.

The report can be found at:

Your response should be sent to the address below. (Please c.c. to [email protected]):

2.2 - The APTPUO is making a $500 donation to aid in the HAITIAN RELIEF EFFORTS.

Let’s not forget this crisis now that it has slipped out of the headlines.

2.3- Apply for the PART-TIME PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR award!

Time is running out!

If your students and Department think you’re great, you should apply for the PART-TIME PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR award!

Don’t wait for somebody else to nominate you!

The prize is $2000, and it’s a fine item for your C.V.! Your application must be handed in to you Chairperson by March 1st, but it will take you some time to put your dossier together, so start now!

Info at:

Quick News #3

is about to get underway, so in the near future we will be sending you a “QUICK SURVEY” to get your ideas and opinions in order to establish priorities for our Bargaining Committee. Our current collective agreement expires at the end of August of this year, but its provisions remain in force after that date.

over the next few months. For the Spring and Summer 2010 sessions, postings will be done in the same way as before (be sure to check department bulletin boards), but eventually postings will only be available on line, and applications will only be accepted on line.


While everyone who is currently teaching is provided with a “@uottawa.ca” email address, there seem to be gaps in the lists the University is supposed to provide to the APTPUO. And if we ever had to send you information that we didn’t want to go through the University system, we need an alternative, private address for each of our members. Also, if you know of colleagues who are not receiving these Quick-News mailings, please ask them to send us their email addresses, at [email protected]