2013 Student Bursaries

Here are the recipients of the APTPUO Student Bursaries for 2013:

Diab, Charles Maroun


Fournier, Jean-Sébastien


Kisselgoff, Maria


Magwood, Olivia


Mbuyamba, Lievin Kande


Odedina, Adesola Olurotimi


Yongoua-Awameni, Adephe


These recipients will receive CAD 500.

The APTPUO Student Bursaries are awarded each year and reward students of the University of Ottawa for their academic excellence.

2013 Board of Directors

Following the 2012 Annual Membership Meeting, the Board held a meeting to elect members to their different portfolios.

Here is the 2013 Board of Directors, with its members and their respective portfolios:

Président | President Greer Knox
Vice-Président, Externe | Vice-President, External Lawrence Harris
Vice-Président, Interne | Vice-President, Internal Robert Johnson
Agent de grief francophone Pascal Sergent
Anglophone Grievance Officer Mark Anderson
Trésorier | Treasurer John Rakos
Secrétaire | Secretary Noureddine Mouelhi
Remplaçant.e.s | Substitutes
Karim Achab
Michael O'Neill

Part-Time Prof of the Year 2012

Congratulations to Professor Rami Abielmona, of the Faculty of Engineering, winner of the 2012 Part-Time Prof of the Year Award!

You are all invited to the Award Ceremony during which Professor Abielmona will deliver his lecture:

Advances in Sensor Networking and Data Fusion

Friday November 23rd 2012, 3 p.m.

Jazzy Restaurant, University Centre, 1st floor

Be part of this tribute to excellence in teaching, support our winner, and meet him and other University officials over hors d'oeuvres.

Abstract of the lecture: The talk will present current research and development in sensor networking. The talk will also present various architectures of data fusion. Fusion has been tackled from many different angles, and for various assorted applications. The underlying goal is the analysis of a refined state estimate for the process under observation. Using machine learning and data fusion techniques, we design tools for collaborative signal processing, tasking and querying as well as data aggregation and dissemination. Some user applications of these technologies are: object detection, classification and tracking, integrated views, state estimation and habitat monitoring. The talk will touch upon and outline some of the requirements and challenges faced by the sensor networking community, and discuss methods to advance the field altogether.

(The poster in PDF is available here)


Survey for bargaining

The Association of Part-Time Professors of the University of Ottawa (APTPUO) is preparing for the next bargaining round for the renewal of the collective agreement (expiring on 30 August 2013).

The APTPUO is seeking input for its members on their working conditions and on changes they would like to get for the next collective contract.

Please answer the survey quickly. The results may be disclosed at the General Membership Meeting of 23 November 2012.

Important notice: Information collected is confidential and kept only for the purposes of this survey.

Here is the link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG1IbzZxNHg5X080Yk9BV3hpUzFQeHc6MQ#gid=0